True Technologies from <VNG> Cloud

VNG Cloud provides a wide range of cloud services, including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, offering businesses flexible and scalable solutions.

Software as a Service

SaaS supports to easily access applications through cloud services from anywhere, at any time, without the need for installation, maintenance, or hardware and software updates - All you need is the Internet connection.
  • Cloudcam
    Smart surveillance camera solution

Platform as a Service

PaaS provides a flexible cloud computing platform with tools and solutions, maximizing the development of applications on cloud without the need to worry about infrastructure maintenance and operation.

Infrastructure as a Service

IaaS offers a flexible virtual space, storage, and network, enabling businesses to adjust infrastructure as required for scaling or downsizing.

Data Center

With 2 premium centers, VNG Data Center proudly stands among the three facilities in Vietnam that have achieved Uptime Tier III certifications for both Design and Facility.
  • Colocation
    Trusted Data Center Colocation

Hi, We are <VNG> Cloud

VNG Cloud is a leading cloud provider in Vietnam. We offer advanced cloud solutions that drive businesses towards the era of digital transformation

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