vMonitor Platform Log: Centralized Log Management Across Platforms & Devices

vMonitor Platform Log is a service that collects log data from servers, applications, or devices in real-time on your system. vMonitor Log is designed for users, developers, operational engineers, or IT managers to store, search, analyze, and support quick troubleshooting with the collected log data.



Fast searching, analysis, and issue resolution

With the Log Search system, businesses can quickly search and analyze Log data for troubleshooting.




Why Choose vMonitor Platform Log?

Centralized Collection and Management

Easily search and centralize all logs on one interface, allowing the exclusion of inaccessible or gated logs, and ensuring the storage of valuable information.

Format Consistency

vMonitor Platform Log identifies common log formats, presenting them consistently for event filtering and trend analysis across different services.

Alerts from Various Sources

Automatically detect stability and security issues with timely alerts, empowering IT and DevOps teams to proactively address potential problems.

Comprehensive Security & High Reliability

Ensure logs are secure and accessible to authorized users over time with access controls, automatic backups, and historical data storage.

Optimized Data Analysis

vMonitor allows better data analysis with various visualization options, facilitating trend analysis, SLA compliance, and efficient anomaly detection.


Deployment Model

vMonitor Platform Log - Model