vMonitor Platform: Active & Comprehensive System Monitoring

vMonitor Platform provides a comprehensive solution for collecting, analyzing and alerting on Metric and Log data from VNG Cloud, other clouds or on-premise environments. This information helps you gain a clearer understanding of how your servers/applications are functioning and proactively identify any issues they may be having.



vMonitor Platform Metric

Comprehensive System Monitoring

vMonitor Platform Metric provides businesses with the ability to continuously monitor the performance of all resources on their system in real-time.

vMonitor Platform Log

Centralized Log Management

vMonitor Platform Log is a service that helps businesses collect log data from servers, applications, and other devices in real-time on their system.

Synthetic Monitoring

System Availability Monitoring

Proactively monitor the availability and performance of servers, website/applications in all environments, including private environments.



Why choose vMonitor Platform?

Easy resource monitoring

Easily monitor resources, integrate directly with various services such as vServer, vLB, vAS, or vDB, allowing businesses to have an overall view of system health.

Easy monitoring of websites, servers, and applications

With the uptime check feature, businesses can set up checks for websites, servers, and applications, supporting multiple protocols such as Ping, TCP, HTTP/HTTPS.

Improve performance and optimize resource utilization

Having a comprehensive overview of the system helps businesses easily improve and optimize the resources in operation.

Operate the system more easily and efficiently

Real-time monitoring interface and the ability to set up alerts and notifications based on predefined thresholds, helps businesses respond to incidents promptly.

Cost Optimization

Provide detailed information on resource utilization and operational efficiency, enabling you to make informed decisions based on the data provided to minimize unnecessary costs.


Deployment Model

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