VNG Cloud

vMonitor Platform Metric: Comprehensive System Monitoring

vMonitor Platform Metric is a service that continuously monitors the performance of all resources on your system in real-time. It is designed for users, developers, operations engineers, or IT managers to monitor resources on VNG Cloud's Cloud infrastructure or anywhere else.

vMonitor Platform Metric provides a unified picture of system health, allowing the collection of data and information for monitoring, system optimization, setting alarms and notifications when problems occur.



Visual Monitoring Charts

Automated visual chart building and user-customizable chart addition.




Why Choose vMonitor Platform Metric?

Resource monitoring on VNG Cloud ecosystem

Facilitating resource monitoring across VNG Cloud, other clouds, or on-premises. It enables businesses to have a comprehensive overview of their system's health.

Easy monitoring of websites, servers, and applications

With the Synthetic Monitoring feature, businesses can set up checks for websites, servers, and applications, supporting multiple protocols like Ping, TCP, HTTP/HTTPS.

Optimizing performance and resource usage

Having an overview of the system helps businesses easily improve and optimize the operational resources.

Easier and more efficient system operation

The real-time monitoring interface, along with the ability to set up alerts and notifications based on predefined thresholds, helps businesses respond to incidents promptly.

Cost Optimization

Providing data on resource utilization and operational efficiency, enabling you to make informed decisions to minimize unnecessary costs.


Deployment Model

vMonitor Platform Metric - Model