vDB: The Professional and Comprehensive Database Management for Businesses

vDB is a cutting-edge service designed to empower businesses to effortlessly establish, operate, and expand their databases on VNG Cloud's cloud computing platform with ease

With vDB service, customers can focus on building and running their applications, while VNG Cloud takes care of the underlying infrastructure and database management tasks. This helps businesses streamline their operations, reduce IT complexities, ensure the security and availability of their data.



Easy deployment, usage, and configuration of databases

vDB allows enterprises to perform database configuration-related activities easily and conveniently including: database deployment, database usage and management, configuration fine-tuning, support for multiple database management systems (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc.), ensuring safety and security.




Why Choose vDB?

Easy and Simple Administration

The simple and easy-to-use vDB interface allows you to easily manage your database, access and manipulate your data without the need for highly specialized skills or knowledge.

Flexible Scalability

vDB is flexibly scalable, with no limit on database size, allowing unlimited storage expansion and additional resources to improve system performance.

Easy Data Backup and Recovery

vDB allows businesses to schedule automatic backups or perform on-demand backups, ensuring data safety. In case of any data issues, easy data recovery from backups is available.

Optimized System

Intelligent caching and optimized data structures in vDB speed up data retrieval, ensuring quick response times.


Providing multiple layers of security, including: SSL/TLS, login and authorization, backup and restore, absolute security, SSL/TLS encryption, and access control.


Deployment Model

Model 01
Model 02
Model 03