EXCLUSIVE OFFER for enterprise customers using Credit Card of Bizzi x Shinhan Bank

2023/06/09 10:45

EXCLUSIVE OFFER trial program valued at 5,000,000 VND on the VNG Cloud Portal and includes a 3-month service subscription if you become a customer and purchase a 12-month package.

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1. Promotion Period

From Jun 10, 2023 to Jul 07, 2024.

2. Promotion and Applicable Customers
  • We offer a resource package valued at 5,000,000 VND ("Resource Package") to businesses who open a credit card through the partnership program between Bizzi and Shinhan Bank and have not previously used VNG Cloud services.
  • We also offer an additional 3-month service fee ("3-Month Fee Gift Package") if customers become subscribers and purchase a 12-month service package. To be eligible for the 3-Month Fee Gift Package, customers must meet two conditions: (i) purchase a 12-month service package and (ii) pay the service fees using the Bizzi x Shinhan Bank credit card. The maximum discount limit for the 3-Month Fee Gift Package for each customer is 200 million VND.
3. Promotion Conditions
  • The program is applicable to customers who meet the eligibility criteria as specified in Section 2.
  • The products eligible for the promotional program include:
    • vServer: Server-Instance Type, DB-Instance Type, Load Balancing, DB-BlockStore, Server-BlockStore (Not including K8S and license).
    • vStorage: Gold storage, Gold traffic, Gold request, Silver storage, Silver traffic, Silver request, Archive storage, Archive traffic, Archive request, Archive, Traffic international Gold & Silver international.
    • Not applicable: vMonitor, vCloudcam, hardware products.
  • The program is only applicable to customers who provide complete business information to VNG Cloud, including the business name, business registration number, full name, ID number/citizen identification number of the legal representative according to the law, domain email of the business, and/or any other necessary information for authentication purposes.
  • When using VNG Cloud's services, customers are obligated to comply with the regulations/policies/guidelines of VNG Cloud as posted on the website vngcloud.vn, which may vary from time to time.
  • Each customer (Business) is only eligible to receive the promotion once during the program period.
  • It cannot be combined with other promotional programs from VNG Cloud.
  • The Resource Package will be valid for thirty (30) days from the successful activation date. After this period, all promotional resources will be automatically removed from the customer's account and will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  • The promotional value is non-refundable and cannot be converted into cash.
  • The information received by VNG Cloud from Bizzi/Shinhan Bank and/or within the VNG Cloud system is the basis for determining customer eligibility for this promotional program.
  • In the event that VNG Cloud suspects or discovers any signs of fraud, impersonation, speculation, exploitation of promotions, and/or any other illegal activities related to this program, VNG Cloud reserves the right to withhold the promotional benefits from the customer.
  • The program may be terminated before the scheduled end date if:
    • VNG Cloud detects signs of fraudulent speculation from customers/partners; or
    • The promotional budget for the program is exhausted.
  • If there is a dispute regarding the rights and benefits, the decision of VNG Cloud is final and binding for all parties.
4. Activation
  • Resource Package: Customers are required to complete the registration form and agree to the terms and conditions of the program. Customers will receive an activation link via email from VNG Cloud's customer care department, and they must click on this link to start using the promotional services of the program.
  • Package "3-Month Free Subscription": Customers who are eligible and successfully purchase the 12-month service package using Bizzi & Shinhan Bank credit card will receive an additional 3-month resource usage credited to their registered service account by VNG Cloud.
  • The activation of the promotional package must be within the promotional period of the program.
5. Support

During the promotional program, users will have the right to access VNG Cloud's customer support team for assistance with any issues or questions they may have.