vContainer in VNG Cloud is a Kubernetes-based service ensuring the high availability and high efficiency for business by running all containerized applications in cloud.

Kubernetes manages vServer clusters and runs containers on those clusters with deployment, maintenance, and scaling processes. By using Kubernetes, you can run any type of application contained in the same toolkit on-premises and on the Cloud.



Allows customers to create clusters based on business requirements: from basic to advanced requirements on Cluster Container such as Non_HA with 1 Master or HA with 3 or 5 Master nodes.

Fully deploys on the initiating VPC, easy to integrate from VPC to Pods.

Provides Load balancer service with all features from layer 4 to layer 7, allows add new workers or remove workers from vLB.

Allows users to define min and max number of worker nodes, system will automatically increase/decrease the number of nodes when system needs to scale up/down to run the operation.





Easy to deploy

Easy to create containers and clustrers with High availability (multi-master) model or 1 Master model to manage Pobs (Worker)

High availability and scalability

Integrates with vLB and Autoscale helps the operation as well as make the system be ready for the scaling up and down at the most optimal and efficient level.

Save cost

The cost for vContainer system will be charge using PAYG (Pay as You Go) method, make it easy for the cost management and cost optimization.