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VNG Cloud provides a wide range of cloud services, including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, offering businesses flexible and scalable solutions.

Software as a Service

SaaS supports to easily access applications through cloud services from anywhere, at any time, without the need for installation, maintenance, or hardware and software updates - All you need is the Internet connection.

vCloudcam: Smart surveillance camera solution

vCloudcam provides a 24/7 security solution with cloud-based video surveillance.


Platform as a Service

PaaS provides a flexible cloud computing platform with tools and solutions, maximizing the development of applications on cloud without the need to worry about infrastructure maintenance and operation.

vDB: Database as a Service

vDB delivers a secure and scalable database management solution, helping you to efficiently store and manage data in the cloud.


K8S: Container service for Kubernetes

K8S is a Kubernetes-based service that ensures maximum performance by running containerized applications on cloud.


vMonitor: Comprehensive cloud monitoring solution

vMonitor platform allows you to monitor and optimize your cloud resources to achieve maximum performance and efficiency.

vCDN: Content Delivery Network Solution

vCDN optimizes the distribution of digital content to end users by leveraging virtualization technology on the cloud network.

Infrastructure as a Service

IaaS offers a flexible virtual space, storage, and network, enabling businesses to adjust infrastructure as required for scaling or downsizing.

vServer: Smart cloud server system

vServer empowers businesses with robust, secure, and scalable cloud servers that can be tailored to fulfill customers' requirements.

vStorage: Unlimited cloud storage

vStorage is a reliable, secure, and resilient cloud storage solution, that meets the demands of rapid data retrieval (in milliseconds).

Data Center

With 2 premium centers, VNG Data Center proudly stands among the three facilities in Vietnam that have achieved Uptime Tier III certifications for both Design and Facility.

vColo: Trusted Data Center Colocation

vColo (Colocation) leases server space in the top-tier data centers, providing the benefits of VNG Cloud's intelligent infrastructure.


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VNG Cloud is a leading cloud provider in Vietnam. We offer advanced cloud solutions that drive businesses towards the era of digital transformation
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Years of experience in cloud computing
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Prestigious quality certificates and awards
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Success Stories

Discover success stories from VNG Cloud's customers, explore how cloud solutions help businesses overcome challenges in management and operations.

NorthWest Co., Ltd

vCloudCam Solution
  • High-quality cloud-based surveillance camera solution.
  • Motion detection camera solution.
  • License plate recognition camera solution.

Wanaka Farm

vServer Solution
  • Flexible, stable, and cost-effective infrastructure.
  • Up to standards infrastructure management system.
  • Professional consulting team.


vServer Solution
  • Highly secure infrastructure.
  • Centralized management solution.
  • Flexible and powerful server.

Gami Group

vServer Solution
  • Scalable platform for a large number of users.
  • Capable of developing microservices applications.
  • Professional cloud migration consultation.


Kubernetes Solution
  • Local cloud provider with affordable pricing.
  • Stable infrastructure.
  • Kubernetes solution distributing resources across multiple servers.


vServer Solution
  • Cost-saving solution, scalable with a stable connection.
  • Infrastructure with quick and flexible scalability.
  • Optimized operation workforce.

IPI Technology Solution

vServer Solution
  • Highly secure infrastructure.
  • Flexible payment model.
  • Experienced team of experts.
  • Professional and dedicated support team.


vServer solution
  • Capability to scale flexibly on demand.
  • User-friendly interface with diverse features.
  • Stable infrastructure solution with seamless connectivity.
  • Professional and dedicated support team.


vServer, vStorage & vMonitor solution
  • Outstanding compatibility.
  • Secure infrastructure ensuring stable connectivity.
  • User-friendly portal interface.
  • The PAYG model helps businesses optimize costs.


vServer & vStorage solution
  • Scale flexibly on demand.
  • Secure infrastructure.
  • Seamless integration with partner systems.


vServer solution
  • Quick deployment, can be set up in just 2-3 days.
  • Stable infrastructure, ensuring smooth operation of CRM and IP call center systems.
  • Great interworking capability, assisting Neyu in resolving issues that occur with external vendors.
  • Expert team ready for 24/7 technical support.

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