Cloud Computing Technology Of VNG Cloud Helps VTV Go "Retain" App Viewers

2022/10/13 09:10

OTT TV is an indispensable digital transformation trend in the television industry. The shift of infrastructure from on-premises to cloud computing, combined with data storage and distribution of digital content using cloud computing technology, will help radio houses and businesses easily retain people, view the application, and optimize investment and operating costs.


Over the Top (OTT) - The Trend of Digital Transformation in the Television Industry

Over the Top (OTT) is a term that refers to movie and television content provided over a high-speed internet connection instead of traditional media, such as cable or satellite TV.

In a survey on the future development of television on the internet in Vietnam, 45% of respondents said they often watch TV on mobile apps rather than on television. As of August 2022, domestic enterprises have recorded a total of over 30 million downloads and registrations of OTT TV viewing applications, with more than 20 enterprises providing Internet TV services. Therefore, OTT television is an indispensable trend in the digital transformation of the television industry.

At the event "Technical Technology Trends and Digital Transformation in the Television Industry" held by Vietnam Television on October 7, 2022, Mr. Tran Anh Nhan, Head of Engineering at VNG Cloud, stated, "Besides providing rich content, ensuring a seamless user experience while watching TV online is also a matter of concern. It is not just a service provider's responsibility. Every television service should have its own stable and secure technical infrastructure to ensure smooth deployment. However, investing in infrastructure and hardware comes with significant costs, sometimes being quite substantial. Therefore, digital infrastructure and solutions for storing and distributing digital content on cloud platforms should be the preferred choice at present".

(Right) Mr. Tran Anh Nhan - Head of Engineering, VNG Cloud

Cloud Computing Technology Of VNG Cloud Helps VTV Go "Retain" App Viewers

As a producer and distributor of digital content on the OTT TV platform, VTV Digital, under Vietnam Television, has developed the VTV Go online TV viewing application to help users watch live or re-watch TV shows on any device, anytime, anywhere. With more than 25 million downloads and 1.5 million to 2 million concurrent views, VTV Go faces the risk of system overload due to the demand for transmission capacity and massive traffic.

Faced with these challenges, VTV Go has partnered with VNG Cloud to deploy optimal digital data storage solution (vStorage) and a digital content distribution solution (vCDN) on the cloud computing platform. These two solutions aim to improve data storage capacity, minimize latency in distributing digital content to users, and optimize investment and operating costs for businesses.

Mr. Nguyen Vu Hoang, IT Manager, VTV Go, stated, "For On-premise, it is impossible to scale up the server in a short time because, in addition to having to implement equipment procurement procedures, it is also necessary to carry out installation, configuration, and have system administrators set it up for operation. This process takes a lot of time and effort. Moreover, after high-traffic events conclude, there is no need to maintain too many servers to provide services, making this investment inefficient and wasteful for businesses".


With the optimized digital data storage solution vStorage provided by VNG Cloud, vStorage's Life Cycle mechanism will help enterprise systems automatically switch between the two storage layers, delete expired data, or switch to the data layer. This mechanism assists in optimizing storage costs. Additionally, VNG Cloud offers free services, including traffic fees from vStorage to the internet and request fees, helping VTV Go save monthly costs.

Mr. Nguyen Vu Hoang also added: "Due to the increasing traffic of VTV Go application, VTV Go decided to find additional solutions to support customers in accessing the application faster and more stable. We trusted the choice of vStorage and vCDN solutions from VNG Cloud to reduce the load on the original servers, optimize bandwidth, and maintain high application speed during peak simultaneous user access. This helped solve the problem of application overload during the broadcast of large programs, thereby enhancing the seamless TV viewing experience on the application and helping VTV Go retain loyal customers, aiming for a 25% market share in OTT TV broadcasting by 2025."

With readiness, scalability, and a diverse range of solutions, along with many features from basic to advanced, suitable for the needs of broadcasting stations in complex environments, VNG Cloud is currently providing and testing infrastructure solutions, data storage, and digital content distribution for one of the top three national broadcasting stations. Moreover, VNG Cloud is also a pioneer in developing comprehensive resource monitoring services (vMonitor Platform), including infrastructure, web, and application monitoring. These advantages have gained the trust of VTV Go and many domestic broadcasting stations in choosing VNG Cloud.

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