Activate comprehensive surveillance with the Super Savings Storage Package of vCloudcam

2021/06/01 10:36

Given the activation of pandemic prevention measures, businesses are required to implement social distancing and minimize the number of personnel at offices and factories, leading to difficulties in monitoring and ensuring security and safety. To address these urgent needs, VNG Cloud introduces a special promotion: Super-Saver Storage Package, starting from 9,000 VND/camera/month utilizing the comprehensive camera management solution - vCloudcam VMS, with cloud storage.

Using vCloudcam helps businesses save up to 60% on costs compared to other cloud camera solutions in the market. Additionally, vCloudcam provides artificial intelligence (AI) features such as:

  • Facial recognition-based attendance tracking.
  • Access control in restricted areas.
  • Receive alerts when there are unauthorized intrusions.
  • Utilize video data for business analytics.
  • Proactive alerting in case of fire or explosion.

In addition, when using the vCloudcam application, businesses can easily manage access permissions within the application, ensuring security and privacy between different departments.

Moreover, when customers purchase the Lite package for 6 months or more, they will receive a free Nano vBox for a 4-camera combo and a Pi 3 vBox for a 10-camera combo.

Top 3 reasons why businesses should use vBox:

  • Connect and synchronize all cameras on the same system.
  • Encrypt camera data and transmit it to the Cloud.
  • Temporary storage of video data in case of internet connection failure and synchronization with the cloud as soon as the connection is restored.