A cloud-based solution for storing, sharing and synchronizing data. Ensuring your data is protected safely, avoiding loss caused by incidents or natural disasters.


Access anytime & anywhere via internet

Access through a variety of device platforms such as PC Desktop app, mobile devices app and web interface

Make offline access on PC & Mobile app

Automate data synchronization with the terminal devices

Manage data synchronization on demand (select file/folder need synchronization)

Data sharing for service users and unused users (private & public sharing).

Manage file sharing with time limit

Store 30 file versions history

Easily recover old data and manage data changes

Easily share storage quota with other service users

Easily to switching or manage data on shared storage quota

Manage views and download of files

Manage download and upload bandwidth

Manage and restrict sessions connected to shared files




Collaborate effectively

- Easy to create group, share and control the storage capacity in the group

- Easy to invite people to view and download file easily

- Statistical report of shared file

- Automatic detailed statistics for file sharing links

- Communicate easily through comment session

- Built-in audio-player and video-player



- TLS.SSL channel protection.

- 256-bit AES encryption for all files.

- 3 coipes of files on different servers.

- Manage activities history of users

- Support remove device remotely when unknown devices are logged in


File Management

- Online document preview

- Flexible organize/structure folder & file (Categories, tags, move to...)

- Compatible with office applications, versions on PC and Mobile


Access and Synchronization

- Automatic Upload of your Camera Roll

- Create folder and schedule sync tasks

- Selective offline access

- Automatic sync across multiple devices



Package 1

7-day trial
2 GB
1 User

Package 2

50 GB
1 User

Package 3

300 GB
1 User

Package 4

1,000 GB
10 Users

Package 5

5,000 GB
10 Users

Business Package

1,000 GB
  • - Minimum 10 users
  • - Billed annually

For the business package please contact 1900 1549 or email sales@vngcloud.vn for further information

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