Unlock Amazing Data Storage Experience with The Latest Feature of vStorage

2023/03/16 02:16

With the rapid development of technology and the tremendous growth of data storage in the cloud, VNG Cloud recognizes the importance of improving our products to meet the needs of our customers. With the desire to bring customers a better and more efficient data storage experience, VNG Cloud is launching new features for vStorage.

In the latest update, we will introduce several new features, including:

  • IAM (Identity and Access Management): helps efficiently assign resource management permissions to users.
  • A smart interface makes it easier for you to create projects.

Let's explore the new features of vStorage product with VNG Cloud and experience its full utility!

1. Identity Access Management (IAM)

IAM (Identity and Access Management) on vStorage is a powerful tool that provides many benefits to users. One of the key benefits of IAM is the ability for customers to assign specific access rights to each administrator, enabling efficient resource management. In particular, IAM addresses the need for centralized storage and file sharing among a large number of users.

With the latest update, IAM introduces additional conditions for the vStorage product, including:

  • When using IAM on the vStorage portal, customers can apply permissions at different levels, including project, container, or object. This allows customers to define specific privileges for each object in the system, increasing security and minimizing risks.
  • Customers can create policies and user groups for easier management and quick assignment of access rights to user groups.
  • Support for all customer usage methods, including VNG web portal, VNG API, S3API, SDK, and S3 client tools (such as S3browser and Cyberduck).

Additionally, the SSO (Single Sign-On) feature enables the creation of multiple accounts with the same policy file, saving time and optimizing the management process. Furthermore, VNG Cloud provides pre-defined policies, allowing users to create policies based on their business needs.

Steps to create IAM on vStorage of VNG Cloud

IAM on vStorage of VNG Cloud delivers value to users through high security, optimization, and automation of resource management processes.

2. A more user-friendly interface

All the improvements on the new portal are aimed at providing customers with a better experience with a more intuitive and user-friendly interface. With the new intelligent interface, customers can initiate projects more quickly, saving maximum time:

  • With the vStorage portal interface, customers who have previously used VNG Cloud products can easily grasp the interface's workflows and design.
  • Customers can immediately check the usage status of each project.
  • Help minimize issues of being stuck or redirected to documentation or support contacts.
  • Full instructions are provided for each field that customers need to input, and related features are described directly on the portal.

To access the features on the new portal, customers simply need to log in as the SSO root user, without the need to switch to a new link or request additional access rights. Additionally, customers can easily access and utilize features such as Lifecycle and Expiration.

  • Lifecycle allows customers to easily transition data from the Gold tier to the Silver tier conveniently and quickly.
  • Expiration helps schedule data deletion when specific requirements from the admin are met, making data management more efficient.

You can now log in to the portal to experience the new features with VNG Cloud.