Speed ​​Up And Secure Your Website With vStack WordPress Plugin

2021/07/14 06:51

 Speed ​​Up And Secure Your Website With vStack WordPress Plugin

With more than 60% of websites in the world built on the WordPress platform, the need to speed up and secure websites with plugins is now always a top priority for businesses. VNG Cloud introduces the vStack WordPress plugin solution, supporting businesses to speed up and comprehensively secure, improve website speed by 60%.

Outstanding features such as:

  • - Support website acceleration
  • - Standard firewall configuration
  • - Automatically filter malware and protect from attacks
  • - Automatically refresh content when updating articles.

Instructions for integrating vStack plugin on WordPress

With vStack plugin of VNG Cloud, your website will be speeded up and protected with just a few simple clicks:

Step 1: Installing plugin

  • - Install directly on plugins repository: By searching "vStack" on plugins of wordpress.org. Click "Active" to install.
  • - Upload the plugin to the source code.

In case "vStack" plugin is not found on wordpress.org plugins, you can download plugin from VNG Cloud's github and extract to wp-content/plugins.

Step 2: Active plugin

When the plugin is displayed in the plugin list, select "Active" to use, and select "Settings" to proceed with the authentication and configuration.

Step 3: Logging into VNG Cloud

  • - If you do not have a VNG Cloud account, select "Create Your Free Account" to create an account, a registration window will help you create the account.
  • - If you already have a VNG Cloud account, select "Sign in here", a login window will pop up, then select "Save API Credentials" to sign in.

Here, you will have to log in with your VNG Cloud account name, and a TOKEN.

If you do not have a TOKEN, select "Get Your API Key from here", a login window will pop up.

Upon successful login, you will be returned the TOKEN code. Please save this TOKEN, as when you need to remove or reinstall the plugin, this TOKEN will help you to login again.

Step 4: Managing plugins

After logging in, you will be able to access the management page.

At the top left corner of the screen, you will see a domain name like this “xxx.wp.vngstack.com”.

This is the domain name initialized to identify your website on vStack. By creating a CNAME record of your website domain here, your website is ready to use the service.