ERP Software in Advertising and Media Industry

2020/04/09 11:12

1. Media industry

The media industry is highly dynamic and plays an important role in influencing other professions in the business world. Of course, this industry also requires powerful and sophisticated solutions to enhance related activities such as advertising, printing and publishing, news, etc.

While other companies focus on promoting their images in the business world, the mission of media companies is to promote the image for partner companies and establish their position in the market. Media companies act as tools for other companies to expand their reputation.

That's an overview, but in reality, the media industry is extremely diverse. Media companies use marketing, advertising, partnerships, public relations, and event organization to elevate the reputation of their clients and compete with rival companies.

With such a large and diverse industry, like other companies, media companies need a system to help them manage important data and quickly process projects like advertising printing, news  or articles publishing, etc.

Many media companies still maintain rigid and inflexible business management systems. Using such outdated management systems will make it difficult to survive in today's modern era.

The media industry can spread news very rapidly and effectively. Similarly, these elements are also crucial in adjusting to the dynamics of modern business technology to maintain competitiveness and achieve success.

Media companies need to find ways to achieve higher economic efficiency and better revenue, while in parallel finding an unique postion for themselves with a wide range of creative products and services.

2. ERP software in media industry

ERP software has proven useful to businesses in many decades, but it is also competent for various industries with data management and analysis, etc.

So how can ERP software establish a presence in the media industry and help companies in this field manage and process their activities effectively?

ERP software for the media industry is built and designed specifically to serve this field's purposes, such as content creation, content editing, distributing and managing digital content, etc. This type of ERP needs to effectively manage daily projects, allocate project tasks, meet customer needs and expectations, build loyalty with them, and thereby create long-term relationships. Owning a good ERP software will be an effective tool to help you achieve those goals.

To get straight to the point, ERP software for media companies needs to achieve the following objectives:

Project and service management

The requirements for media ERP software is to ensure optimal performance of services and project processes at most stages. This helps you create fast and smart services that optimally meet customer expectations.

Marketing and Planning system management

The distinctive tools of ERP can help provide analysis, support leaders in identifying the advantages of business operations, and make important strategic decisions. This will help recognize partner needs as well as target customer groups more clearly.

Business information systems and reporting

These are features that allow your company to selectively access important data to detect issues early, provide accurate analysis, and take timely actions to improve work performance.

Smart data storage can convert your digital database into analytical data through charts, dashboards, etc.

Accounting and Finance

Don't be surprised, media companies all have human resources and accounting departments to handle tasks such as payroll calculation, leave of absence, attendance management, etc. But there's no need to spend too much time and effort on these tasks.

The features of ERP software should include calculating payments, leave days, allowances, benefits, etc. for employees with many other perks such as banking transactions, e-transfers, and tax record features with flexible transaction options, intuitive dashboards, data for analytical reporting, and much more.

Integration with other systems

This integration allows efficient communication between different departments quickly, easily, and accurately to better get the latest information updates. No department or user should be excluded from accessing relevant status and information related to the company.

ERP for the media companies helps you integrate both internal and external processes to improve services' efficiency.

In summary, the key benefits of implementing ERP software for media companies include:

  • Monitoring the success of advertising campaigns and brand building
  • Improving the performance of marketing and sales teams to boost brand loyalty.
  • A flawless and error-free database to provide an overview data analysis for current and future use.
  • Developing efficient and valuable business growth.
  • Streamlining payments, payroll, payment processes, etc. with cost-saving and time-saving technology.

Certainly, not only the media industry requires such software solutions. However, it's important for companies to recognize the power of ERP software to assist them achieve unexpected levels of development.