vServer - Smart infrastructure solution for digital transformation

2020/03/23 06:39

In the current technological revolution, digital transformation is no longer the playground of only large corporations or billion-dollar startups, but has become a core development strategy for small and medium enterprises. According to a report by Cisco, Vietnamese businesses are facing challenges about cost, operation, and information security in the digital transformation race. Understanding these difficulties, VNG Cloud introduces vServer - a smart infrastructure solution for digital transformation, built by leading experts in Vietnam on an authentic cloud computing platform.

Let's explore the outstanding benefits that vServer brings to customers with VNG Cloud.

1. Cost optimization

vServer allows systems monitoring with the vMonitor feature and automatically expands or reduces the number of virtual servers in accordance to changes in user traffic. Companies don't need to invest too much, but can still easily manage their database systems comprehensively.

2. Maximum security

With a 3-layer security system, vServer provides advanced security features such as: Security Group, Juniper vSRX Firewall, allowing businesses to have full control of the virtual environments. In addition, businesses can easily monitor, detect and check system changes in real-time, thereby tracing the origins of these changes.

3. Stability

Load Balancing feature allows applications to increase availability and error tolerance, while vServer also allows applications to recover after errors.

4. Improved work quality

vServer provides a variety of virtual server services, scalable to meet different business needs. With over 100 applications available in the vMarketplace app store, businesses can easily find, use, and deploy applications.

5. Efficient operation

With vServer, businesses can automate operational processes to monitor and expand resources. This minimizes human-caused incidents and ensures the speed of virtual server systems.

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