Cloud Backup vs. Traditional Backup: Which Option is Best for Your Business?

2023/02/21 05:12

Most businesses today require data backup and security. However, determining the most optimal storage solution is still a question that many businesses have to ponder.

The following article by VNG Cloud will help you differentiate between Cloud Backup and traditional data backup. It will guide you in considering the pros and cons of these two solutions, enabling you to make the right choice for your business.

What is Cloud Backup?

A Cloud Backup solution is designed to back up and restore data based on the cloud computing model, utilizing modern technologies and internet-based development. It offers a high level of protection and requires low maintenance costs. With Cloud Backup, the entire system can be restored to its pre-problem state, ensuring the safety and quick restoration of data in the event of an issue, thus minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous system operation.

Furthermore, when data is stored in the cloud, employees of enterprises can access information whenever and wherever they need it, as long as they have an internet connection. This enhances convenience and enables faster access to data.

What are the pros and cons of Cloud Backup and Traditional Backup?

Which is the best choice for businesses: Cloud Backup or Traditional Backup? Let's explore the distinctions between these two solutions.

Traditional Backup
Cloud Backup

Recovery Time Objective

- Traditional backup methods, such as tape, may require days to weeks for data recovery.
- Quickly restore individual servers or specific datasets within minutes for setup and processing.

Human Impact

- Data corruption caused by human errors is a common occurrence.

- Human errors account for 58% of all outages.

- Automated scheduled backup system, minimizing the impact of human errors.

Backup Notification

- Difficult to check data status backup progress.
- Automatically record backup status, then email notification to users.

Data Backup

-Data and backups pose a risk if stored together in the same location.
- Data is stored in 2 locations: the storage device and the cloud, reducing the risk of service downtime.

Data Encryption

- Data encryption is limited, and the encryption mechanism may not meet the standards of information security.
- Data is encrypted using the latest encryption standards, such as AES256, DES 64, RC2 128, to ensure the security of information.

Data Safety

- There is always a potential risk of data loss or data breaches occurring.

- The system automatically performs backups at the user's specified time.

- Easily check detailed real-time backup parameters and access unlimited backup versions.

Data Security

- The error rate for data recovery from tapes is above 50%.

- Data is stored in a Tier III DC, ensuring information security according to the ISO 27001 standard.

- Data integrity is guaranteed up to 99.99%.

VNG Cloud provides the Cloud Backup solution in Vietnam. With VNG Cloud Backup, data is encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption before being transmitted to VNG Cloud from the main system. Once the backup is completed successfully, the data is stored in the Cloud storage system and automatically replicated to two separate physical servers to ensure protection against data loss incidents.

Additionally, businesses have full control over their backup operations through the user-friendly VNG Cloud management interface. They can proactively manage backup schedules and easily monitor backup activities before and after the process.

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