3 Quick Steps to Set Up a WordPress

2021/12/05 05:30

WordPress is widely recognized as a leading platform for effortlessly establishing websites, offering numerous benefits such as user-friendliness, affordability, and the ability to promptly meet website creation requirements.

To speed up your WordPress setup and allow you to concentrate on your business operations without the burden of infrastructure concerns, VNG Cloud has introduced the EasyAPP service. By utilizing EasyAPP's automatic installer, you can bid farewell to the need for learning WordPress installation procedures. The swift and fully automated installation process will swiftly assist you in creating your WordPress site.

3 Steps to Setting Up WordPress on VNG Cloud

Step 1: Initiate Services at VNG Cloud


Please log in/register for an account here and go to EasyAPP.

In which:

- Name: Service name.

- App: The web application you want to create (Choose WordPress with a web stack of Nginx, PHP-FPM, WordPress and a database of MySQL).

Step 2: Choose Configuration


Basically, EasyAPP is an application running on the vServer compute platform and VPC network, so you only pay for the corresponding configuration. For the "v1.small2x4.b100" configuration, it includes:

- 2 vCPU.
- 50GB SSD disk (with a read/write speed of 200 IOPS).
Step 3: Proceed with Payment

For the "v1.small2x4.b100" configuration, it has the following corresponding values:

- 2 vCPUs valued at 520,300 VND.
- 50GB SSD disk partition valued at 163,350 VND.
- Service duration until "04/06/2021 00:00:00".
To create the application with the mentioned costs, select "Create Server" and proceed by confirming the payment.

Once the initialization is complete, you will receive a system email containing SSH login information. Furthermore, depending on the chosen application, the system will provide additional details, such as user credentials for accessing WordPress.


Check and manage applications

At VNG Cloud Portal

Manage all the applications you have created at the administration page as shown below:


Check the applications in WordPress

To check if the application has been successfully initialized, go to the provided Public IP address in the email. If the initialization is successful, the screen will be displayed as shown below.


Log in to the administration page at address http://IP public/wp-admin. The public IP has been provided in the email. For instance, if the public IP is, log in to using the account details sent via email.

After that, you are free to customize new posts or install a plugin to synchronize data from your previous website.

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