A Brand New Interface of vServer

2022/12/10 10:03

With the introduction of this new interface, customers can conveniently and proactively initialize their servers, resulting in substantial time savings and increased productivity for businesses. To ensure an exceptional service experience for our customers, VNG Cloud has officially released an upgraded version of the vServer

What's new in vServer's interface?
  • A completely revamped interface that significantly enhances the overall user experience.
  • Separate Root User Accounts and IAM User Accounts.
  • Effortlessly switch between English and Vietnamese languages with ease.
Highlight Features


The system offers concise, step-by-step instructions and immediate notifications in case of any user errors during the initialization process.


Note: The notification feature is divided into 2 parts, and the initialization time for the same image has been shortened.

Shorten initialization time

Users can now initialize all servers within just 30 seconds, resulting in twice the time savings compared to before.


Easy choices

VNG Cloud offers a variety of service packages to cater to beginners, vng-cloud-blog-gioi-thieu-giao-dien-hoan-toan-moi-cua-vserver-easy-choice-xs.jpgproviding them with ample choices to experience vServer services.

Smart management system

The interface provides users with a comprehensive overview of the status of the vServer system they are managing.


Easy to adjust your spending

During server initialization, the user interface will consistently display a Billing Summary, allowing users to easily adjust the associated costs.


Prevent system downtime through automatic payment notifications

Billing information for each service will be consolidated onto a single page. The system will automatically notify users to top up their credit, thereby preventing any potential downtime.vng-cloud-blog-gioi-thieu-giao-dien-hoan-toan-moi-cua-vserver-renew-xs.jpg

Explore vServer now to immerse yourself in a completely redesigned interface and new features.