4 Steps to Speed ​​Up Websites With Web Accelerator

2021/06/11 05:09

Are you missing out on 80% of your customers because your website's loading speed is too slow?

Website speed has a huge impact on user experience, reducing SEO efficiency and sales conversion rates. Retain old customers and reach out new ones by improving speed with Web Accelerator.

Accelerate your website up to 2 times with 4 steps of integrating Web Accelerator into the system.

Four steps to integrate Web Accelerator

Step 1: Create Web Accelerator


- Log into https://portal.vngcloud.vn/nav/web-accelerator

- Fill in the information:

+ Enter your website name. In the example is mysite.
+ Enter the domain name of your website. In the example www.mysite.com. If you use another domain name, you can select “Custom” in “Origin Host Header” to enter the domain name.
+ Enter the IP address of your original website. You can enter your website domain name and then select “Add server”, Web Accelerator will automatically fill in the IP address for you.

Step 2: Configure Cache for Web Acceleration


- Configure the maximum retention time on the Web Accelerator's server, select "Server Cache Expiration (TTL)". For example, 2 weeks ("2 weeks").

- Configure the maximum cache time on the client browser (eg firefox, chrome, ...), select "Browser Cache Expiration". For example: 1 month ("1 Month").

Step 3: Configure optimal text and images for Web Accelerator


- Configure text content compression (text), select "Auto Minify". This feature helps you clean HTML, CSS, JS files, thereby reducing file size.

- The default system automatically performs file compression (gzip) to speed up text files. However, you still have the Brotli compression conversion which increases efficiency. Learn Brotli can refer to this article.

To optimize images, select "Image Optimizer". Note: This is a paid feature.

To upgrade the package, click "Package" above the toolbar and follow the instructions.


Step 4: Execute Web Accelerator configuration and point domain name


After clicking "Submit", Web Accelerator will be created with orange status as shown. The initialization will complete in 5 minutes, then the status will turn green.

Please note that the column "vCDN Domain" is the auto-initialized vCDN domain name assigned to your newly created cdn. If you have your own domain name, you need to go to the domain name administration (DNS), perform a CNAME type indexing with this domain name.


Congratulations, you have successfully initialized the "Web Accelerator" of VNG Cloud.