vMonitor platform provides an end-to-end solution to collect, analyse, and alert based on the Metric and Log database from VNG Cloud, other cloud computing providers, or on-premise environments. The information will help you understand how servers/applications work and pro-actively determine problems of servers and applications. vMonitor provides features such as:

  • Collect metric, log from servers, applications from VNG Cloud, other cloud computing providers, or on-premise environments.
  • Export and analyse Log data with Log Search.
  • Set up alerts and notifications channel when problems occur.
  • Long-term storage on vStorage.

What's new?

What's new?


vMonitor Platform Log

Centralized log management on multi-platform, multi-devices.

vMonitor Platform Metric

Monitoring application performance & resource on multi platform.




vMonitor Model


Easy to track health system on VNG Cloud

Tracking and monitoring cloud resource easily with vMonitor, integrate directly with different products/services: vServer, vLB, vAS or vDB, provides businesses an overview of system health.

Easy to track your website, server and applications

With vMonitor uptime checks, business can setup checks to website, server and application, and support checking with many protocols such as Ping, TCP, HTTP / HTTPS.

Improve performance and optimize resources

An overall view of system helps businesses to improve and optimize the performace.

Easy to manage and run the system

Provides a real-time system monitoring interface, setting alerts and notifications based on pre-set thresholds, thereby helping businesses respond to problems in a timely manner.