Top 8 Benefits of Using Cloud Storage

2023/02/26 09:41

In the previous article, we explored Cloud Backup with its various advantages. Now, let's delve into Cloud Storage - storing data on cloud computing technology - to understand the benefits that can help you make the best choice for your business operations.

Cloud storage has become a prevailing trend and one of the most convenient and effective methods for data storage. There are numerous global and local cloud storage service providers that offer significant profits for customers and streamline business processes. In cloud storage, instead of storing data on local or physical storage devices (hard drives), businesses can store their data anywhere with internet connectivity.

So, what other benefits does cloud storage offer for businesses? This article will outline the top 8 conveniences of cloud storage services.

1. Easy to access and use


Data stored in the cloud is accessible from any internet-connected device, allowing stakeholders to access assets stored in the cloud from their preferred location and device without the need for downloads or installations.

2. Data safety and security


Safety will be a top concern for both large and small businesses when using cloud storage solutions. Data stored on Cloud Storage is encrypted, version-controlled, and users can restrict IP access. User data is stored on the system's devices, located in secure Tier 3 data centers of VNG Cloud. This ensures the backup of your data even in the event of unforeseen incidents, as the data centers are designed to ensure safety and redundancy.

Some cloud storage solution providers keep copies of your data in different data centers, so even if the data is lost or corrupted on one server, the backup will still be available.


3. Unlimited cloud storage


Cloud storage provides virtually unlimited storage space. You can easily expand your storage capacity as needed with simple and convenient procedures and payments. The larger the storage capacity, the lower the cost per storage unit.

This unlimited expansion eliminates the need to change software when increasing storage capacity. It means you can expand your "house" without having to move your belongings anywhere. Everything will be completed in a few simple steps. However, not all providers can offer this feature, as it depends on the resources available to each provider.


4. Data synchronization


You can access your data from any device and anywhere in the world, but this access capability is facilitated by the synchronization feature.

You no longer have to worry about manually and complexly transferring files from one device to another. Additionally, the files stored in the cloud remain consistent across all devices, and they will automatically update if any changes occur.

5. Easy data sharing


Data stored in the cloud can be easily shared with customers in a quick and secure manner. You can easily share access rights to a specific cloud environment or with custom accounts of other users.


6. Cost optimization


Cloud storage is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. However, if you have a large volume of stored data, you may incur costs for purchasing additional hardware or maintenance and operation costs, similar to using physical servers. Therefore, choosing a cloud service with a cost-effective and reasonable pricing model is often the first choice for businesses.

7. Scalability


Cloud storage is highly scalable, allowing for both horizontal and vertical scaling. You only need to pay for the resources you use. You can expand the scale of your cloud storage environment whenever needed, defining the attributes and configurations of the cloud scale according to your requirements. This ensures a large storage space with high flexibility.


8. Disaster recovery


The last benefit of using cloud data storage is related to disaster recovery. Every business has a backup storage package where they store all their data copies.

In case of any system failure or data loss, businesses can retrieve their data from their backup package. Cloud storage services provide the best platform for storing these backup copies.

Here are the top 8 benefits of using cloud storage. In the past decade, cloud storage services have gained immense popularity in the software industry, and now every major technology company has its own cloud service. Regardless of the size of the business, cloud storage services have become essential for storing data as it is the next powerful asset. Technology companies are heavily investing in the cloud industry, with the potential to revolutionize storage and communication infrastructure.

As a cloud computing provider, VNG Cloud offers a range of products and services in Cloud Storage with various storage tiers. These solutions help businesses ensure data security, maintain information confidentiality, and optimize costs. To learn more about our latest products and the VNG Data Center, please visit here.