Experience the latest update of vBackup and enjoy 50GB of free storage

2023/03/16 15:00

Are you looking for a comprehensive and reliable solution to back up your business-critical data? Look no further, VNG Cloud's vBackup cloud data backup service is available. With vBackup, your business data will be automatically backed up regularly and absolutely secure on the cloud computing system of VNG Cloud.

On March 17, vBackup was updated with new features. Let's find out with VNG Cloud!

1. New Update of Data Backup and Recovery Solution from vBackup

vBackup provides you with a solution to create backups for your server and store them in a safe place, preventing the loss or damage of your original data. Once created, these backups can be used to restore the original data to a new server.

There are 3 ways to create backups:

Method 1: Creating via vBackup

Simply log in to vServer and select "Create Backup Server" in the left navigation column to create a client backup instance for your virtual machines (VMs). Once created, vStorage will automatically generate a project to store the backup data. The project will have a storage quota of 50GB.


Method 2: Creating via vServer

Create backups directly from vServer by selecting one or multiple virtual machines and right-clicking to choose "Create Backup". After that, vStorage will automatically create a project to store the backup data and display the storage quota of the project as 50GB.


Method 3: Creating backups when initializing Server

Furthermore, you have the option to create a new vServer backup while creating a new vServer.

In the "Create a Server" interface, under the "Other settings" section, click on "Create a Backup Server". The system will automatically set up a backup server for you. You can also customize advanced settings in the vBackup interface.


Outstanding benefits of vBackup:


Before update

After update

Backup timeSlow, it takes 4 hours to backup 100GB of dataFast, only takes 2 hours to backup 100GB
Backup costHigh, due to the cost per Volume on vServerLower costs when using vBackup
Backup methodManual backupsAutomatic backups
Backup frequencyOn weekly or monthly basisDaily backup is available

vBackup stands out as a distinctive product from VNG Cloud, setting it apart from other domestic cloud providers in Vietnam.

2. VNG Cloud offers 50GB of free storage with vBackup for new customers

In order to provide an opportunity for customers to experience the features of vBackup, VNG Cloud exclusively offers first-time users of vBackup 50GB of free storage capacity during the first month.

  • Eligible customers: Individuals and businesses who have not used VNG Cloud's vBackup service before.
  • Applicable product: vBackup.
  • The promotion will be automatically activated when customers use vBackup for the first time.

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to try out the vBackup solution. Start using it today and enjoy 50GB of free storage, eliminating any concerns about losing critical data!

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