Cloud cost optimization best practices: Maximizing value, Minimizing costs

2023/08/28 13:07

Do you know that according to RightScale's research (2022), 35% of cloud expenses are wasted due to the lack of knowledge on resource utilization? Additionally, 38% of businesses are seeking cloud service providers to effectively manage costs (Foundry, 2022).

Optimizing cloud costs is not just a trend but also a crucial factor in ensuring the sustainability of enterprises. Efficient cost management in the cloud has become an integral part of modern IT system deployment.

Therefore, VNG Cloud is delighted to introduce the eBook "Cloud Cost Optimization Strategy: Maximizing Value, Minimizing Costs," which covers four key topics:

  • The challenges that cloud costs pose to businesses.
  • Reassessing IT costs and identifying cost-drivers.
  • Effective strategies for cost optimization.
  • Noteworthy technology trends in cloud cost management.

We hope this eBook will provide you with a comprehensive perspective on cloud cost optimization strategies, helping you achieve your financial goals and operational efficiency in running your business.