VNG Cloud welcomes new customers! Refund 15% of the contract value

2022/12/08 05:14

In order to provide favorable conditions for stable operation and data security for businesses, sustainable business values, VNG Cloud offers a special 15% discount for new customers to experience our products and services.

  • 1. Program Name: "Welcome Deal for New Customers".
  • 2. Promotion time: Dec 8, 2022 - Jan 31, 2023.
  • 3. Applicable customers: All individuals and businesses who have never used VNG Cloud's services, applicable to the first 100 customers. The program may end before the deadline.
  • 4. Applicable products:
    • vServer: Smart infrastructure server product. Create VMs, VPCs, Security Groups, and a variety of other services on a single portal.
    • vStorage: Optimized digital data storage solution with multiple storage tiers and pricing packages to meet the needs of every business.
    • vMonitor: Proactively monitor the system comprehensively. Allows monitoring the health of not only VNG Cloud's Cloud infrastructure but also On-premise infrastructure.

* Applicable to all add-on products of vServer, vStorage, and vMonitor.

  • 5. Promotion mechanism:
    • After the Customer Care and Sales departments receive the customer's requirements, a contract will be signed, and the customer can use the resources on the VNG Cloud portal.
    • After the first month of usage: Customers will receive additional credit worth 15% of the contract value signed during the program period (15% pre-tax value).