Legal Handbook in the Cloud Computing Environment for Businesses in 2023

2023/10/05 10:32

According to the report from the Ministry of Information and Communications on the development of infrastructure strategy until 2025 and the orientation towards 2030, the set goal is for 70% of the cloud computing service market share in Vietnam to belong to domestic service providers. Along with the development of information technology in Vietnam, the implementation of cloud solutions has become an integral part of the business strategy for many enterprises.

Therefore, complying with internal regulations and laws regarding cloud computing in Vietnam not only safeguards information and data but also builds trust with customers and partners. Recognizing the importance of cloud compliance, VNG Cloud presents to you the eBook "Legal Handbook in the Cloud Computing Environment for Businesses in 2023" with 6 key takeaways:

  • Compliance in the cloud environment
  • Comply with Internal Compliance
  • Comply with Legal Compliance
  • Risk management and compliance assurance
  • Actionable Steps for IT Teams
  • Practical use cases from our customers

VNG Cloud hopes that the eBook will provide you with detailed information about the decisive factors and legal regulations in the rapidly evolving cloud environment.

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