Decoding Kubernetes: A-Z Guide to Containers in DevOps

2023/08/17 05:34

DevOps is an integrated approach that emphasizes collaboration, connection, and organization between software development (Development) and system operations (Operations) teams. It focuses on the entire process of software development and deployment. DevOps creates a continuous, agile, and quickly responsive working environment to address customer requirements and changes.

In the era of Industry 4.0, applying DevOps on the cloud platform has become a significant trend in application building and deployment. Cloud provides a flexible, scalable, and remotely accessible environment for data storage and running applications.

If your business is seeking DevOps solutions on the cloud, VNG Cloud introduces the eBook "Decoding Kubernetes: A-Z Guide to Containers in DevOps."

We believe that with the growing trend of DevOps, cloud technology is a powerful solution capable of meeting the computing needs for this rapidly evolving field.

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