Top 8 Benefits of Cloud Surveillance Cameras

2021/07/16 15:58

Cloud surveillance cameras, in simple terms, means that all the images from your security camera system are securely stored in the Cloud and delivered as a service over the internet. Until recently, security camera surveillance systems were mainly used as a crime prevention tool. However, today, security monitoring applications are much more diverse. For example, proactive security monitoring, real-time alarm and behavior monitoring, camera image data analysis, etc.

As customer requirements evolve and change constantly, so does providing security camera surveillance solutions. Let's find out together why switching to a security camera surveillance system in the Cloud can be the best choice for both you and your customers.

Benefits of Cloud Surveillance Cameras for Security Camera Service Providers

Cloud is a win-win service solution for both security monitoring professionals and their customers. Let's start by outlining the benefits of cloud security camera monitoring to you as a security camera service provider.

1. Reducing the risk of data loss

First and foremost, owning a security camera monitoring system in the Cloud will help you overcome the physical vulnerabilities of the recorder by automatically saving camera images to the Cloud. In other words, if the recorders fail or if they malfunction for any reason, the camera images are still accessible because they are backed up in the Cloud. Some Cloud providers also offer an additional source of local storage. For example: vCloudcam's data transmission device to the Cloud, a bridge device between the CCTV system and the Cloud, acts as a temporary data storage device in case of internet connection problems.


2. Monitoring the system status

Cloud surveillance camera systems excel at alerting problems related to camera feeds or other system components. While this can also be set up using traditional security camera surveillance systems, the setup is a lot more complicated. With security camera system management software (VMS) like vCloudcam that features live camera health monitoring, both you and your customers are notified immediately if the camera goes offline, thus reducing downtime and, above all, enhance security in the most general way. In addition, testing the remote monitoring system is becoming more and more important in the current Covid-19 situation.


3. Opportunity for Recurring Monthly Revenue

One of the main benefits of cloud surveillance cameras for security camera providers is that it allows you to add a new Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR) stream to your business. vCloudcam can manage customer recurring payments and pay you a commission on each renewal. In addition, vCloudcam can bill you at the commercial list price and you can charge your customers.

4. Turning regular cameras into smart cameras

Last but not least, if your customers ask you to backup camera data in the Cloud, you can proactively provide services to them quickly and easily. Cloud security camera monitoring solutions like vCloudcam, offer a wide range of features like video analytics that can turn even basic CCTV systems into smart ones. With the increasing demand for Cloud, customers will tend to switch to more and more urgent security monitoring system. Therefore, security camera service providers need to soon add Cloud Camera solution to their solution suite.


Benefits of Cloud Surveillance Cameras for Customers

There are also many benefits of cloud surveillance cameras for end-users and not just for security professionals. Let's explore the common ground.

5. Centralized remote access to all camera data

For customers, the main benefit of cloud surveillance cameras is its convenience. Users can view live feeds as well as camera images captured directly from their smartphones. They have 24/7 access to footage, from anywhere and at any time. This is not only convenient for your customers, but also gives them peace of mind, as they can always keep an eye on their cameras. In addition to easy access to camera images, a security camera monitoring solution on the Cloud allows easy playback of camera images. Users can review, share or download recorded motion events right from the mobile app.


6. Real-time notifications via mobile app

With a cloud surveillance camera system, customers can be instantly notified if motion is detected on any of their cameras. Moreover, with vCloudcam users can also set the motion detection area as well as the camera's motion sensitivity. They also have the option to set a schedule for when the security camera records and when the alarm occurs. The ability to control security cameras remotely via smartphones is another convenient feature for your customers.


7. Flexibility and scalability

Cloud surveillance camera systems are more flexible than traditional security systems. For example, if your customer requests more storage, you can easily adjust the storage period. All you need to do is upgrade (or downgrade) their storage plan, depending on their requirements. In addition, Cloud-based systems do not require large physical equipment. This makes them inherently more scalable without complicated settings on the site.

8. Enhancing network security

Contrary to the common misconception about Cloud being insecure, it's actually quite the opposite. Firstly, cloud surveillance camera systems do not require porting from one network to another, which eliminates major security risks. In addition, even the hardware that is shipped from the factory is considered obsolete, while Cloud service providers update the Cloud system remotely. Other security measures will depend on the Cloud provider. For example, in the case of vCloudcam, security camera images are stored on platform of VNG Cloud, one of the leading Cloud providers in Vietnam. Furthermore, all videos are saved using 256-bit encryption to store camera images and are transmitted over encrypted HTTPS channels. Both you and your customers can rest assured that security camera images are secure during the migration to the cloud.

Cloud cameras are the future of CCTV cameras

With enhanced security, ease of use and remote access, it is understandable that a Cloud surveillance camera system is a better alternative to traditional ones. Add to that simple installation and minimal cost, and it's no surprise that the future of CCTV is in the Cloud. With vCloudcam, you can bridge the gap between (traditional) physical security and the Cloud at 4K resolution. Get started with Cloud and become a vCloudcam partner.