VNG Cloud's Reliable Cloud Infrastructure Provides ACFC & VFBS with Peace of Mind in Managing Their IT Operations

2024/03/12 14:24

ACFC & VFBS were established in 2009. ACFC serves as the distributor and manager of 22 prominent international fashion brands in Vietnam, operating 250 stores, while VFBS manages and operates 3 leading fast food brands in the country, with a network of 100 stores.

To ensure smooth operations and data security, ACFC & VFBS have recognized the need to migrate their technology infrastructure to cloud computing. This includes:

  1. Implementing a Cloud POS system in their stores to cater to their continuous expansion requirements.
  2. Adopting cloud-based technology infrastructure for HR management solutions, ERP systems, billing systems, reporting, and more.

The migration to VNG Cloud's infrastructure has resulted in significant benefits for ACFC & VFBS:


The POS system operates stably across more than 350 stores nationwide.


Meeting 100% of the needs for quickly opening and closing stores in accordance with the business strategy.


Reducing operating costs on data centers and internal systems.


Enhancing information security and ensuring continuous operation based on VNG Cloud's value-added services such as vStorage and Backup as a Service.

The migration to VNG Cloud's infrastructure has resulted in significant benefits for ACFC & VFBS:

To ensure peace of mind in operating the IT system like ACFC & VFBS, let's start by "cloudifying" the IT infrastructure today, with VNG Cloud.