Data Management Strategy: Building a Successful Foundation for AI Initiatives

2023/12/20 10:00

According to McKinsey's survey, one-third of the respondents stated that Generative AI is being used in at least one business function. Furthermore, 40% of organizations have implemented AI and plan to invest even more in the future. We cannot deny that Generative AI is the booming technological trend in 2023.

However, like any new technological trend, Generative AI also faces challenges, especially in data management. Deloitte's survey indicates that at least 40% of businesses applying AI reported a 'low' or 'medium' level of complexity in handling data. Moreover, nearly one-third of IT managers identify data-related challenges as one of the top three issues hindering AI initiatives.

So, if your business is facing data management challenges during AI implementation, the eBook "Data Management Strategy: Building a Successful Foundation for AI Initiatives" is for you, covering 4 key takeaways:

  • Top trends of AI, Big Data and Cloud Computing in Data Management
  • Navigate data management challenges to enable AI initiative
  • Optimizing Cloud Data Storage for AI Initiatives
  • Practical use cases from our customers

VNG Cloud hopes that this eBook will help businesses grasp the advantages of the cloud in the AI era, thereby building a robust IT infrastructure.