Cloud Security Strategy: A Handbook for IT Managers

2023/04/24 10:00

Do you know that according to Imperva, businesses incur losses of $41 - $75 billion USD each year due to insecure APIs? Or that unauthorized account access ranks among the top 4 major threats to public cloud security? These are just two of the many risks that can occur when businesses do not ensure cloud security.

Migrating infrastructure to cloud computing is an excellent way for businesses to manage data easily. Therefore, managers should not let security risks hinder the digital transformation process and cloud computing adoption. Understanding this, VNG Cloud presents the eBook "Cloud Security Strategy: A Handbook for IT Managers."

VNG Cloud hopes that this eBook will provide you with a comprehensive perspective on potential risks and optimal methods to help safeguard your data on the cloud platform. We believe this useful handbook will boost your confidence and that of your business on the journey of digital transformation and cloud computing adoption.