Cloud Adoption and Reference Models for Vietnamese Enterprises

2023/03/03 10:41

In recent years, the trend of cloud computing has been rapidly growing due to its exceptional advantages over traditional infrastructure. At VNG Cloud, we have firsthand experience witnessing the transformative power of this technology. We have assisted numerous businesses, regardless of their size, in migrating their infrastructure to the "cloud", enabling them to unlock the full potential of this innovative solution.

Specifically, what benefits can cloud computing bring? Firstly, it offers unparalleled flexibility and unlimited scalability, allowing businesses to maximize their investment costs.

Security is also a significant advantage of cloud computing. With resources and expertise, cloud providers can invest more in security compared to individual businesses. Cloud services often come with built-in security features, such as encryption and backup, to protect business data from unauthorized access.

So, where should you start when migrating your infrastructure to the cloud? Register to receive the eBook "Cloud Adoption and Reference Models for Vietnamese Enterprises" from VNG Cloud to find answers. This eBook will cover everything you need to know about transitioning to the cloud computing platform, including its benefits, challenges, and the most effective methods.