VNG Cloud

vServer: Cloud Server Leasing Service

vServer is a cloud server leasing service provided by VNG Cloud. It offers easy initial virtual server setup, including options for High Performance and GPU, to quickly meet all customers' demands.

Additionally, vServer provides various services and tools to enhance work quality, including vVPC (Virtual Private Cloud), vLB (Load Balancing as a Service), vAS (Autoscaling), Next-generation Firewalls (such as Fortinet, Palo Alto, Checkpoint, Juniper), SD-WAN (such as Fortinet, Peplink), and Opensource Firewalls (such as Pfsense, VyOS) available on the vMarketPlace.



Auto Scaling (vAS)

Users can increase/decrease resources according to their needs.

  • For VMs: Automatically increase or decrease capacity to meet traffic load of concurrent users. vAS ensures high system availability while optimizing costs.
  • For containers: Automatically increase or decrease the NODE configuration to accommodate concurrent user traffic load.




Why Choose vServer?

Quick server initialization

Easy to initiate a cloud server by Fast-Provisioning technology, with pre-configured CPU, GPU, RAM, and bandwidth tailored to your business needs.

Unlimited resource scaling

Unlimited scalability of resources on the cloud servers thanks to the hot-add features of CPU components, RAM, Storage, etc.

3 smart layers of security

3 security layers, including: vWAF (Polaris), Cloud Firewall, and VM security groups; meeting ISO 27017 standard for Cloud service providers.

High Readiness & Stability

Achieved Uptime Tier III certification for both the design and construction of DC's equipment infrastructure. SLA 99,9%.

Cost optimization

With Pay-as-You-Go, customers only have to pay for what they use, helping to reduce costs.


Deployment Model

Model 01
Model 02