VNG Cloud

Colocation Services at VNG Data Center - an Uptime Tier III certified DC

Colocation services at VNG Data Center - an Uptime Tier III certified DC, guarantee high network speeds and 24/7 technical support. This service is well-suited for financially stable businesses engaged in long-term projects and equipped with the capability to self-manage their systems.

The service provides infrastructure space for placing power systems, air conditioning, and other IT equipment, ensuring 24/7 system operation and allowing customers full use and control of their systems.


Data Center





Connection Capacity

Active 1+1 uninterrupted connection for domestic and international transmission lines:

  • Nx100GE trunking within the DC.
  • 100GE peering with ISPs.
  • 300 core fiber optic cables connecting DCs to the outside world.
  • Bandwidth: 400 Gbps (domestic), 5 Gbps (international). Can be expanded upon request.
  • 100GE Interconnection between 2 DCs.