VNG Cloud

Live Streaming: Online Content Streaming Service on the Internet

Live Streaming is an online content delivery service, for content such as events, TV programs, and sports, to a large audience on the Internet, provided by VNG Cloud.

Live Streaming services help businesses save costs, increase flexibility, and provide real-time data analytics to make more precise decisions.



Origin Load Balancing and Failover
  • Origin Load Balancing allows for distributing the workload among multiple servers to maximize service capacity and minimize overloading on a single server, ensuring your customers always have fast and stable access to online content.
  • Failover ensures service stability and uninterrupted customer access to online content.



Why Choose Live Streaming?

Scalable to handle high traffic loads

Enable live content streaming to millions of users simultaneously without the need for investment in complex infrastructure.

Enhance user experience with the replay feature

Allows users to watch previously live-streamed content, improving user experience and provide easy access to content.

High Availability & Compatibility

Direct access to live content through multiple pathways, reducing user wait times. It is compatible with various end-user devices, allowing easy content access anytime, anywhere.

Customize content quality based on devices

You can customize the content quality based on devices, ensuring a seamless viewing experience across different platforms.

Prohibit unauthorized content distribution

This feature prevents the unauthorized distribution of content and safeguards the intellectual property rights of content providers.


Deployment Model

Live Streaming - Model