VNG Cloud: the Core Enterprise in the Campaign Promoting Digital Transformation with Vietnam Cloud Platform

2020/05/22 00:00

On May 22, 2020, in Hanoi, the Ministry of Information and Communications held the "Launching ceremony of the campaign to promote digital transformation using Vietnam's cloud computing platform." The event saw the participation of 11 businesses, including VNG Cloud, the leading cloud computing and data center provider in Vietnam, which is one of the four core businesses involved in the campaign.

According to experts, during the recovery period after the Covid-19 pandemic, digital transformation will play a crucial role in the recovery period following the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly for small and medium enterprises seeking flexible business models to reduce costs and optimize resources.One of the important pillars of digital transformation is cloud computing technology. Currently, Vietnam's leading technology enterprises have all moved in this trend and the demand for cloud computing is also growing strongly. The purpose of the campaign is to establish an ecosystem of Vietnamese cloud computing businesses that possess technological expertise, provide infrastructure and cloud computing services, and adhere to cloud computing standards. This ecosystem will support and propel Vietnamese businesses to recover and digitally transform in this challenging period.

Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung emphasized VNG Cloud's distinction as one of the first four enterprises to offer standard cloud computing solutions and services. These services include owning cloud computing technology, maintaining their own infrastructure for cloud computing with a scale of 1000 servers or more, and being prepared to deliver these services to the market.

Bộ trưởng Nguyễn Mạnh Hùng cùng đại diện VNG Cloud, Viettel, CMC và VCCorp.

Also at the event, Mr. Vu Minh Tri - General Director of VNG Cloud, Chairman of Vietnam Cloud Computing and Data Center Club shared: "The core businesses participating in the Launch Ceremony today are all masters of the industry. enterprise. infrastructure and cloud computing technology, thereby controlling service costs and not being dependent on foreign suppliers. When supporting Vietnamese businesses, the readiness of a large team of Vietnamese engineers, training for customers to use on-site applications, etc. are also outstanding factors of domestic cloud computing enterprises. compared with foreign suppliers. With the above advantages, it is hoped that cloud computing will spread widely, not only in service-providing businesses but also in service-using businesses.

We must be ready if the pandemic returns: businesses must be digitally ready. How each employee of a company can work and connect with each other. How to interact with online suppliers and partners? Those are trends that will change the way Vietnamese businesses operate post-Covid.”

Mr. Vu Minh Tri - CEO of VNG Cloud, Chairman of Vietnam Cloud Computing and Data Center Club

As part of the campaign, VNG Cloud commits to a 20% discount of service value for new registered customers on all cloud infrastructure services: vServer, vStorage, vCDN, vCloudstack, and vDB, creating favorable conditions to facilitate agencies and businesses to access and accelerate the digital transformation process, promoting the digital transformation process, contributing to overall economic development. This preferential policy will be applied by VNG Cloud until the end of July 2020.

Contact VNG Cloud via hotline 1900 1549 hoặc email for advice and participation in promotions.