VNG Cloud Collaborates with HEPZA to Provide Digital Transformation Solutions for Enterprises in 17 Industrial Parks in Ho Chi Minh City

2021/04/28 14:04

In the strong wave of digital transformation in Vietnam, the market is witnessing significant changes in operations and business models, bringing distinct advantages to enterprises but also posing challenges. However, as digital transformation is creating immense value, some manufacturing businesses do not know where to start and how to effectively go through this process.

Currently, around 80% of manufacturing businesses are not prepared for digital transformation. One of the barriers for these businesses is finding specialized providers and strategic digital transformation consultants to effectively address their issues, such as optimizing digital transformation costs or a shortage of skilled personnel and technology infrastructure engineers.

On April 27th, at the annual meeting organized by the HEPZA Businesses Association (HBA), HBA representatives highlighted the difficulties businesses are facing under the impact of COVID, resulting in financial losses and challenges. However, these businesses have proactively turned challenges into opportunities and swiftly accelerated their restart in the "new normal". Additionally, digital transformation has been a key focus for manufacturing businesses, actively explored through seminars with leading technology experts in Vietnam.

During the meeting, representatives from VNG Cloud pledged to accompany the HBA and the HEPZA in driving the digital transformation process for manufacturing enterprises. Through this collaboration, VNG Cloud aims to assist businesses in solving their digital transformation challenges with cost-saving solutions and rapid synchronization for their technology infrastructure.

Mr. Ha Nhu Hai (left) - Director of Business and Communication at VNG Cloud, signs the agreement with Mr. Tran Thien Long (middle) - Vice Chairman/Secretary General of HBA

VNG Cloud will help businesses digitize their infrastructure, starting from the most basic one like traditional camera systems. VNG Cloud is a leading provider in Smart Surveillance Camera System solution - vCloudcam VMS, built on cloud computing platform. This is the first complete VMS solution in the market that allows businesses to centrally manage their entire camera system with integrated AI-powered intelligent features such as facial recognition, access control, setting up restricted areas, and creating virtual perimeters, etc.

Mr. Le Song Hiep, an vCloudcam Solutions Consultant consulting smart camera solutions for businesses

For example, in a manufacturing factory, security surveillance will involve three main areas: the external premises, the entrance and internal areas, and the storage and parking areas. For each area, the business will require a large number of cameras as well as a dedicated security team to ensure the highest level of security. However, this can pose challenges in the event of power outages or insufficient security personnel, as was experienced during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The vCloudcam solution The vCloudcam solution from VNG Cloud allows factories to centrally monitor their entire camera system anytime, anywhere, proactively ensuring security and asset management. Businesses can add cameras to the vCloudcam system without any amount limitations. The vCloudcam solution also integrates AI technology into camera system management, such as controlling vehicle accessing the factory by automatic license plate recognition, employee identification, attendance management, setting up restricted access areas, minimizing human errors, and ensuring compliance with occupational safety regulations. This helps save initial system investment costs and leverages camera data for business analysis and support.

Guests experiencing the features of vCloudcam

In addition to manufacturing plants, vCloudcam also supports Industrial Park Management Boards (IPMBs) in tightly controlling the flows of entry and exit based on features such as license plate recognition, vehicle tracking, and intrusion alerts in restricted areas. Furthermore, IPMBs can share centralized data from the vCloudcam system to easily and quickly integrate with existing systems, creating a comprehensive monitoring network for industrial parks.

Furthermore, VNG Cloud provides infrastructure management services, eliminating the need for businesses to invest in infrastructure operation personnel and optimizing initial investment. This service helps businesses operate seamlessly without any interruptions in case of any incidents, enabling better collaboration between different departments within the factory and with external service providers.

In our 14 years of development, VNG Cloud has become a leading cloud computing provider in Vietnam, pioneering the development and provision of internationally standardized cloud computing solutions and services. All of VNG Cloud's solutions and services are built on an authentic technology infrastructure that meets the highest standards of information security and data protection, such as ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ISO/IEC 27017:2015, ISO/IEC 27018:2019, and PCI DSS - Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

In the upcoming time, VNG Cloud will continue to accompany businesses across industries, with the goal of helping them succeed on their digital transformation journey and become more competitive in the international market.

To learn more about VNG Cloud's solutions, please contact the hotline at 1900 1549 or here for further information.