VNG Cloud accompanies the Education industry on the journey towards e-Learning model

2022/11/11 14:11

Currently, education is one of eight key areas in the "National Digital Transformation Program to 2025, with orientation to 2030". In this program, the top priorities are the development of a distance learning and teaching platform and the comprehensive integration of digital technology in management, teaching, and learning processes.

E-Learning - Development trend of education digitization

Research from various international organizations has shown that the online education and training market in Vietnam has significant potential, with a large scale and a revenue growth rate of over 40% per year, estimated to reach a market size of no less than 2 billion USD. Furthermore, the number of students engaging in online learning increases each year. Even during the years 2013-2015, before the global education system was impacted by the Covid pandemic, the number of students participating in online learning had already increased by 46%. It can be said that E-learning is an indispensable trend in the digitalization of education. However, deploying and implementing an effective and cost-optimized E-learning system that can handle enormous access traffic remains a challenge for many educational institutions and businesses.

Following the success of the Edutalk event, the first edition held at the end of March 2022, VNG Cloud is organizing Edutalk No. 2 with the theme "Intelligent Infrastructure for Digital Education" on November 9, 2022. The event has attracted nearly 30 leading educational institutions in Vietnam, who will be sharing insights on deploying and implementing the E-learning system on the cloud computing platform.

The seminar not only delved into each professional perspective on operating E-learning on a cloud computing platform but also shared actual implementation scenarios from some leading educational institutions in Vietnam. This provided schools and businesses with more confidence to explore and embark on their educational digitalization journey.

Edutalk #2 with topic: "Smart infrastructure for Digital Education" organized by VNG Cloud

Here, VNG Cloud introduced the intelligent digital infrastructure solution, vServer, the secure storage solution, vStorage, the solution to accelerate the transmission of online lectures and enhance the vCDN online learning experience, as well as the comprehensive security monitoring solution on the Cloud platform - vCloudcam. The advantage of VNG Cloud lies in its safe and stable infrastructure, self-service portal, and a team of experienced, highly specialized, and flexible consultants and engineers who provide support to businesses. VNG Cloud hopes that its service ecosystem will contribute more strength to the Education industry's digital transformation journey.

Success Stories of VTC Academy and Soundio

As a pioneering institution in IT, Design, and Digital Marketing training in Vietnam, VTC Academy requires a stable and secure digital infrastructure to enhance the performance of its IT system and optimize investment and operational costs. This will enable the realization of the goal to build Hyper Learning models that incorporate intelligent data.

Representatives from VTC Academy shared their experiences in successfully building Hyper Learning models with intelligent data.

Through the transformation of infrastructure to the cloud, VNG Cloud ensures the smooth and flexible operation of VTC Academy's IT infrastructure, enabling expansion based on demand and maintaining a high level of security according to international standards. This contribution helps VTC Academy successfully establish an intelligent digital library on a stable cloud platform, creating a solid foundation for the development of the multi-disciplinary intelligent online learning platform, Onlinica. Onlinica, an independent platform supporting the educational ecosystem model of VTC Academy, has been operational since 2022. Additionally, VNG Cloud's cloud service supports VTC Academy in accelerating the delivery of online video lectures, ensuring seamless content streaming and facilitating easy online interactions with students.

Developed since 2013, VOCA.VN has become one of the prestigious online English education brands in Vietnam. The educational mission of the VOCA project is to assist students in overcoming the language barrier in English. Currently, VOCA supports over 2 million students in learning English through its website, iOS applications, and Android applications, with a monthly visit count ranging from 5 to 10 million.

Before utilizing VNG Cloud's services, VOCA had relied on physical server infrastructure for 5 years. As a result, during deployment, VOCA often faced various challenges, including system overload during unexpected traffic surges, data security risks, cost-effectiveness of investments, and asset depreciation. Since 2020, after careful consideration and experience with several exemplary providers, VOCA made the decision to run its E-learning platform on VNG Cloud's vServer intelligent digital infrastructure.

Thanks to the implementation of cloud computing solutions from VNG Cloud, VOCA's IT system has achieved optimal performance with nearly tens of millions of monthly visits and hundreds of concurrent visits. This ensures the stable operation of the application, minimizing website and application interruptions even during heavy traffic periods. Additionally, the cloud infrastructure helps VOCA save significantly on monthly transmission costs.

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