Web Accelerator can speed up the content display on your website and improve customer experience.


Modern protocol optimizes the content delivering on Website

Optimize image size based on users' devices, decrease up to 60% of image size

Auto optimize static content, increase the connection as well as processing speed

Compress content, decrease 20% of object size compared to GZIP

Optimize the connection to server, increase the ability of web service

Easy to custom page rules on vCDN’s Edge Server





Speed Up the content display on website

Optimize transmission capacity

Auto optimize image based on visitors’ devices

Increase SEO and PageSpeed Insights

Increase the uptime of website

Increase responsiveness with high traffic volume




For personal websites, blogs, and anyone who wants to explore VNG Cloud


For professional websites, blogs, and portfolios requiring basic security and performance


For small eCommerce websites and businesses requiring advanced security and performance


For enterprise websites, production pages requiring Enterprise security and high performance

(*) The above prices do not include traffic cost. For more information, see here

(**) VAT 10% not included

Features List Web Acceleration
Features Description Basic Standard Pro Enterprise
Enable HTTP2 Support enable HTTP/2        
CDNs The number of CDN customer can build 1 3 5 20
Multi CNAME Support customer to use multiple domains   3 5 10
SSL Cert Support customer to upload their SSL to use service 50 50 50 50
Image Optimizer Automatically optimize image on customer's website:
  • - If the image is high quality, it will be reduced to 1080p or the same as the height of device's screen (<1080p);
  • - Image quality: automatically compress image (60% for PC, 50% for Tablet and 30% for mobile);
**With browsers support WebP, automatically convert the image to the WebP format to reduce the size and increase page load time.
Auto Minify Automatically optimize Javascripts, CSS, HTMI on customers' websites        
Load Balancing Support LB the Origin Servers in pool to distribute the incoming requests such as: Weight RoundRobin, Least Connected, IP Hashing.   3 (ips) 5 (ips) 50 (ips)
HSTS Support Support HSTS        
Always Use HTTPS Automatically rewrite website from http to https        
Automatic HTTPS Rewrites Support rewrite url http to https in page content automatically        
TLS 1.3: Support TLS Version 1.3 Support using TLS minumum version        
Brotli Compression Compress page to reduce the size of website for supported devices        
Caching Cache response from the origin server        
Development Mode Temporarily disable all caching on the system        
Cache Browser Cache on Browser time        
Cache Edge TTL Cache on Edge time >3 days >1 day >12 hours >30 minutes
Purge Cache Support clear or purge cache on CDN system 5 times/day 20 times/day 50 times/day 1000 times/day
Page Rules Setup pagerule to adjust cache, image quality, resolution and image. 1 rule 3 rules 5 rules 100 rules
Analytics Analyse and report