vStorage is a reliable, secure, durable storage solution with the ability to meet the needs of fast data retrieval (milliseconds) and continuously which is suitable for different storage needs such as data warehouses, media, analytic log, mobile apps, backup, enterprise apps, IoT etc ...

vStorage provides 3 storage tiers: Gold, Silver and Archive. With the Gold storage, your data is always ready to use with millisecond retrieval. The Silver is great for data that is rarely accessed, but you still want the data to be ready to use at any time with low storage costs. Finally, Archive - the most economical storage layer suitable for data that are rarely used but need to be stored such as medical records, transaction logs etc.



3 storage tiers meet different needs of customers

Easy to plan and manage moving data between storage tiers on web interface

Automatically identify seldom or never-accessed data and move to Silver tier to optimize storage cost.

Easy to manage the storage on web interface

Alert system to notify when the storage usage nearly reaches the threshold to help customers proactively in balance the storage usage.

Support free package of services including traffic fees from vStorage to the internet, request fees, etc. with a certain usage level, helping to save costs monthly for customers.

Versioning feature protects data from being accidentally deleted or overwritten

Access authentication and authorization (ACL)

Various options to use via Web consoles, or API

Support for the S3 protocol helps customers continue to use the familiar S3 client tools

Two storage locations are selected: HCM and HN

Easy to expand instantly and with no downtime

Hybrid storage




Data will be saved in 3 separated locations to secure.

Cost transparency and can be predicted.

2 layers of storage and lifecyle solution allow transfer data automatically, delete out-of-date data to optimize cost.

Data encryption, decentralized access will help manage and ensure data safety.


What's new?

What's new?

Allow save different versions of 1 object. Restore old objects that are accidentally deleted or overwritten.


Admin can grant permission to Read or Write to one or all user in other portals.


Users can set rule specifying less frequently accessed data to automatically move to silver class

Access control lists (ACL)




Free all request

Traffic x10 domestic

Apply for all range GB



Free 2000 blocks request/month

Free 3TB traffic (domestic)

Apply for all range GB



Free 10 blocks request/month

Free 10 request delete/month

Free 1TB traffic/mont

170đ/6 month

Free 5 blocks request/month

Free 5 request delete/month

Free 1TB traffic/mont

Apply for all range GB


  • - Pricing above not included VAT
  • - For the Archive class, the data requested is extracted between 1-12 hours.
  • - With request usage, traffic usage exceeding the allowed limit will be charged at the price specified by VNG Cloud. At the same time, international traffic will also be applied at the specified price of VNG Cloud. Please contact us immediately for more details.