VNG Cloud Backup service is built and developed according to leading technologies from Veeam, allowing to back up part or the whole enterprise local system to the VNG cloud infrastructure, ensuring backup for operation when the main data system downtime. Businesses can restore their data instantly – Regardless of the operating system, application or data resource inside the server.


Quickly restore one or more VMs (Virtual Machine) or any data files based on demand.

- Allow repeating calendar according to demand by day / month / year.

- Easily check the details of backup information in real time. Unlimited backup version.

- Automated and reliable process.

Backup data will be encrypted with AES 256-bit before being transmitted from the local system to VNG Cloud via HTTPS protocol. Data backup stored at VNG Cloud Storage will be automation backup into 2 copies placed on 2 separate cloud storage to avoid data loss disasters.

- Compressed data feature can be up to 50% to help optimize storage costs and increase backup speed.

- With data deduplication enabled, the Backup processing will not store to the resulting file identical data blocks and space that has been pre-allocated but not used.

IT Administrators can manage all backup job through Portal provided by VNG Cloud. This Portal will help IT administrators actively control and manage all tasks, including schedule backup job, data compression or easy monitor before and after backup flow.

- Supporting for multi-user operating system and multi-platform.

- Supports backup from traditional infrastructure (on-premise), or other cloud computing systems.





Data is safely protected on VNG Cloud infrastructure with 2 copies placed on 2 separate cloud storage.

Data is encrypted before leaving the local system.

Data is restored quickly on demand without interrupting business activities.

Optimizing costs: Pay as you go.



Combo 1

/30 days
300GB capacity storage
1 VM backup

Combo 2

/30 days
500GB capacity storage
1 VM backup

Combo 3

/30 days
1TB capacity storage
1 VM backup

All prices not including 10% VAT