Ensure the best user experience when choosing and watching video via Internet connected devices.

VNG Cloud’s VOD service helps businesses:

  • - Optimize cost.
  • - Ensure the flexibility, easy compatibility with different end-devices.
  • - Increase customers’ satisfaction.
  • - Real time multidimensional data analysis.


Optimize the connection when connecting to the origin server, increasing the availability of the service.

Easy to customize the activities on CDN server.

Connect to Cloud S3 Storage quick and easy.

Optimize video streaming with HLS format.

Automatically converts video quality based on line quality.

Switching audio language while watching.

Prevent the distribution of content on unlicensed websites.

Customize access privileges by geographic location, CIDR, HTTP Referer.





Increase the responsiveness with large traffic

Compatible with mobile devices and Smart TVs

Fast integration with S3 Storage

Easy to choose the content quality by device

Experience the audio content in multiple languages

Preventing unauthorized distribution of content