VNG Cloud Live streaming provide live streaming infrastructure for online events, talk shows, sport programs on the Internet platform.


Optimize the connection to server, increase the ability of web service.

Easy to custom page rules on vCDN’s Edge Server.

Convert live stream signal format from RTMP to HLS, high compatibility with different kinds of end-devices.

Automatically group signals have the same content into ABR supported channels.

Prevent the distribution of content on unlicensed websites.

Customize access privileges based on location, CIDR, HTTP Referer.

Support rewind up to 30 minutes.

Support many signal receiving at different ISPs, ensuring the livestream continuity.



Increase the responsiveness to large traffic

Enhance customer experience with rewind features

High availability with Multiple Entrypoint

Compatible with smartphone and Smart TV

Customize the quality content quality based on devices

Prevent distribution of unauthorized content