vMonitor Platform – Simple Monitoring Service, Absolutely Free

2022/09/07 12:09

From September 7, 2022, VNG Cloud officially offers two basic vMonitor Platform monitoring packages free of charge. These packages include vMonitor Platform Metric - Monitoring the performance of resources on VNG Cloud (currently supporting VNG Cloud's vServer, LB, and DB), and Synthetic Test – , Monitoring the availability of servers, applications, and websites..


With just three simple steps, customers can quickly monitor and capture a real-time system health overview and set up automatic alerts when problems occur, thereby allowing for easy improvement and optimization of running resources.

Step 1: Log into service page of VNG Cloud at https://vmonitor.vngcloud.vn/



Step 2: Search for basic performance monitoring services on vServer or other services (*) on virtual servers in the Infrastructure List -> Click on each service to set up monitoring of basic performance parameters on the dashboard page.

(*) Other services on virtual servers include: DB (Database) and LB (Load Balancing).

Step 3: Set up automatic multi-channel alerts (SMS, Email, Webhook, Slack, etc.) when there is an abnormal change.vng-cloud-events-vmonitor-platform-step-3.png

Actively monitor the 24/7 availability and performance of servers, websites, and applications anytime, anywhere

Monitor the overall operational readiness of the website and application through the Dashboard and receive instant alerts via Email/SMS when there are abnormal signs. This allows businesses to proactively come up with a timely solution, minimizing troubleshooting time.


Monitor servers, websites, and applications in all environments, including private environments.

For businesses with high requirements for network security, Synthetic Test allows the installation of Synthetic Workers to help monitor infrastructure and applications within the enterprise.


Easily capture the status of your servers, websites, and applications, thereby making appropriate adjustments

Synthetic Test allows businesses to monitor the status of SLOs (Service Level Objectives) and detect deviations in website performance and application occurrences, thereby helping businesses make appropriate adjustments to achieve the set SLOs.

Synthetic Test is a service within the vMonitor Platform solution, currently supporting multiple protocols such as TCP, HTTP(s), and Ping. Moreover, Synthetic Test is provided for free with up to 10 API Tests.

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