Beta Test Agreement

This Beta Test Agreement (BTA) is a commitment by Vi Na Data Information Technology - Services Joint Stock Company ("VNG Cloud") to customers using VNG Cloud's services, regarding trial functions, in order to ensure benefits for all customers.

This BTA applies to beta functions for the services provided by VNG Cloud.

This SLA applies to beta functions for the services provided by VNG Cloud.

    • Beta functions: refers to new features that are added to the existing functions of the service; these features are in development and/or refinement phase; and have not yet been officially released by VNG Cloud.
    • Official functions: refers to features provided along with the Service Term Agreement (in the form of a Service Contract, Service Agreement, Supply of Services Agreement, and similar formats) and are quality assured according to the commitments outlined in the Service-level Agreement ("SLA").
    • The beta functions are provided with the purpose of allowing customers to experience new features during the beta-testing phase, and are based on the principle of voluntary negotiation. These functions are not provided by default within VNG Cloud's service. Customers will enroll in using the beta functions within the service settings.
    • VNG Cloud ensures that the beta functions do not impact (damage and/or loss) the data of the officially provided functions of other services.
    • By agreeing to this Beta Test Agreement, customers understand and agree that the beta functions may not operate as expected, and the data associated with the beta functions may be subject to damage and/or loss. VNG Cloud will not be liable for any damages (personal and/or property) arising from the use of the beta functions by the customer and/or other relevant entities related to the customer.
    • VNG Cloud shall deliver highest possible quality beta functions to customers.
    • VNG Cloud shall provide various methods to promptly notify customers in case of any issues occurring with the beta functions.
    • VNG Cloud shall provide guidance to customers on how to use the beta functions.
    • Customer shall use beta functions with caution; refraining from storing critical data while utilizing the beta functions.
    • Customer shall avoid using beta functions for applications or activities that could potentially cause harm (to individuals and/or property) to customer and/or related entities associated with the customer.
    • Agreeing to use the beta functions under this agreement does not exclude the customer's consent to the Service Term Agreement of VNG Cloud as stated here and the Privacy Policy of VNG Cloud as stated here. VNG Cloud retains the right to enforce the terms above during the customer's use of the beta functions.