Benefits of our 
Partner Hub

Stay ahead with top notch cloud-based solutions
We provide best-in-class cloud technology, full technical advancement and wide range of industrial solutions as you joined us. You'll have dedicated access to technical experts who will help you create end-to-end solutions that benefit your strategic business development.
Design solutions that drive growth and lower TCOs
We're known for our industry-leading solution to performance, but as a partner, you'll benefit even more. Our partner-specific partnering model helps you enhance solution portfolio and offer-low-cost solutions to your clients, so you can reinvest your sources in your company's growth.
Grow with access to strategic Go-To-Market plans
Our Go-to-market wheels are designed to support partnered solutions grow and better position Solution-as-a-service for your clients. Depending on the level of partnership, you'll have access to perks like a partner logo, campaign templates and materials, lead sharing, and event support.
Connect, learn and share with our robust community
You'll join one of the leading cloud-driven communities of technical experts and thought leaders, where you can share product releases, promote local events, and participate in social activities.

Partner Program

Technology Partner

Improve your customer experiences, bring the best-in-class cloud technology to your client now.

By partnering with VNG Cloud, your business will increase opportunities to connect with enterprise customers based on our partner support policies, including collaborating with Experts, co-marketing activities, and sales support.

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Solution Partner

As an internationally standardized cloud service provider, we have successfully developed various industry solutions to optimize costs, enhance digital transformation strategies, and elevate customer experiences.

Becoming a solution partner of VNG Cloud, your business can immediately ultilize our cloud computing infrastructure solutions and sales support policies for agents, enabling you to rapidly expand your market distribution of technology products, enhance competitiveness, and achieve rapid profit growth.

Project Registration

For large and complex projects, contact VNG Cloud right away to discuss and determine the best solution for your customers.

Through project registration, we will provide extensive support for your business, including specialized technical support, pricing policies, and much more, ultimately yielding better profit outcomes for your enterprise.

Submit your project information through the registration button below, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


Bring your business's technology solutions and services closer to customers using VNG Cloud's vMarketPlace platform, creating a new revenue stream while enhancing customer experiences at no cost. Join the hub to take full advantage of co-selling, joint marketing and technology support.

With over 100 million users worldwide, we aim to stand by you in providing a sustainable and comprehensive cloud infrastructure, including SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.