VNG Cloud Participated in Hue Digital Transformation Week 2021, Aiming to Construct a Comprehensive Digital Ecosystem

2021/05/09 15:00

On April 28, 2021, as part of the Hue Digital Transformation Week 2021, experts from VNG Cloud participated in panel discussions for commerce, services, healthcare, and education. This is an opportunity for VNG Cloud to introduce and share our cloud computing solutions on an international standard platform, marking a significant step in comprehensive digitization in Hue.

In the commerce session, Mr. Le Song Hiep - vCloudcam Solution Consultant, presented a report on the topic "Initial Digital Transformation with Existing Infrastructure: Cloud Camera Solution and Image Analysis." The goal was to help businesses leverage and maximize the effectiveness of their initial investment in surveillance camera systems. During the presentation, Mr. Hiep pointed out the challenges faced by businesses when using traditional surveillance camera systems, such as high investment and operation costs but can't ensure data security, and a lack of integration of AI features for value enhancement. The smart surveillance camera solution - vCloudcam by VNG Cloud, will enable businesses to embark on their initial digital transformations using their existing infrastructure, maximizing the monitoring features and transforming ordinary cameras into smart ones by integrating AI image analysis and proactive surveillance features.

Mr. Le Song Hiep presenting at the session

At the healthcare and education session, Mr. Vo Luan - vCDN Product Manager, discussed the topic "Smart Infrastructure Solutions for Online Learning." The objective was to develop a stable and flexible digital infrastructure to ensure safe and seamless online teaching and learning activities. Mr. Luan introduced VNG Cloud's comprehensive solution with an infrastructure that automatically scales and adjusts based on user access, optimizing costs. Additionally, there is vMeeting feature in this product, that supports remote learning and meetings, ensuring interactive processes while maintaining the security of the meetings. Moreover, for important lecture content, the DRM (Digital Rights Management) solution encrypts the entire content before presentation and streaming, allowing only authorized users to decrypt the content.

Mr. Vo Luan presenting at the session
Mr. Vo Luan joined the panel discussions with other expert in the afternoon of April 28th

Joining this event, VNG Cloud aims to accompany localities towards the goal of building a digital government and smart city, fostering the motivation to construct a comprehensive digital ecosystem.

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