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Duy Luân

Co-Founder, Data Engineer
Elton Data


Vũ Minh Nhựt

Senior Solutions Consultant
VNG Cloud


Nguyễn Ngọc Anh

Data Scientist
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Dương Ngọc Quang Tâm

Senior Data Engineer
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Strategic Data Management: Building the Foundation for Successful AI Initiatives

According to IBM, 44% of businesses are currently making efforts to integrate AI into their existing applications and workflows, and two-thirds of them have already implemented or are planning to incorporate AI into their sustainable development strategies (2022). However, many companies are facing challenges when deploying AI/ML models, with 32% of them stating that the major obstacle comes from data management (S & P Global, 2023).

To help you gain a better understanding of optimizing data management, from collecting and processing data to utilizing it efficiently in your business's AI strategy, VNG Cloud invites you to join our webinar on "Strategic Data Management: Building the Foundation for Successful AI Initiatives".

During this event, you will not only receive insights into the latest trends in AI and Big Data in Vietnam but also learn about practical AI deployment strategies and successful case studies from Elton Data, and VNG Cloud. Additionally, the workshop will introduce cloud storage solutions, enabling businesses to take more proactive roles in today's data-driven world.

Register today to ensure you don't miss the opportunity to learn about the "hottest" technology trends!


Part 1: Top trends of AI, Big Data and Cloud Computing in Data Management
  • Generative AI Trends in Data Warehouse Management and Organization.
  • Real-life Use Cases When Implementing Systems on VNG Cloud Infrastructure.
Part 2: Navigate data management challenges to enable AI initiative
  • Key Challenges in IT Infrastructure for Data Management.
  • Methods to Enhance the Process of Refining High-Quality Data Systems for AI Project Deployment.
Part 3: Optimizing Cloud Data Storage for AI Innitiatives
  • Common Cloud Storage Models and Cloud Storage Applications for Business Needs.
  • Optimizing Data Management Methods in Cloud Storage.
Part 4: Minigame & Lucky draw

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