True Cloud Computing - Optimal Technology for Customer Expectations

2021/06/18 17:06

(To Quoc) - Every time your company selects a cloud service, there are always high expectations accompanying it. These expectations include reducing operational costs, minimizing the risks of information security breaches, enhancing system reliability, and having the ability to scale the system when needed.

Companies using cloud services also desire flexibility and cost-effectiveness, where they only pay for what they use. And finally, almost everyone expects that once they migrate to the cloud, they can access the services anytime, anywhere, including on mobile devices.

However, most cloud services in the market usually fall into the following two groups: those with large storage capacity but lack elasticity, flexibility, and high costs; or those with lower costs but limited scalability and features. Only a few true cloud service providers like VNG Cloud can fulfill most of customer expectations. These clouds are designed in a Multi-tenant architecture that allows multiple users to share the same storage infrastructure as well as the same set of applications.

Being superior with Virtual Server Solution

Previously, businesses often chose to self-deploy virtualization solutions on their internal infrastructure to share and utilize system resources. Even as cloud computing solutions emerged with numerous advantages, virtualized servers remained the preferred choice for businesses seeking direct control over their system resources. However, when compared to True Cloud technology, virtualized servers present challenging obstacles that are difficult to overcome.

To establish a comprehensive virtualized server system, each company must make a substantial investment to optimize both hardware and software components. Additionally, companies need to maintain a specialized workforce to operate and maintain these virtualized servers, even if the company hasn't fully harnessed the system's capacity.

Meanwhile, with VNG Cloud's True Cloud technology, companies need not worry about such issues. VNG Cloud's elastic infrastructure allows for the automatic addition of virtual machines as customers utilize them, saving time and ensuring cost-effectiveness during operations.

To provide an illustrative example, VNG Cloud's Auto Scaling service ensures that websites or online entertainment applications never experience congestion by dynamically scaling the infrastructure to accommodate sudden spikes in traffic at different times. In contrast, with virtualization, customers have to go through the process of signing contracts, purchasing, and completing procedures to add new bandwidth.

Moreover, by utilizing a cloud service like VNG Cloud's True Cloud, you can still manage and operate your system independently through the web portal. It provides features for administrative rights and resource management, such as virtual servers, but with a significantly simplified operation process.

Leading the True Cloud Market in Vietnam

In the Vietnam market, VNG Cloud stands out as the pioneering company to offer True Cloud technology. Consequently, VNG Cloud provides customers with seamless server creation capabilities and offers a wide range of operating systems, server options, and connectivity choices, allowing customers to conveniently select the most suitable options for their needs.

VNG Cloud offers the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) solution, which is a comprehensive solution for establishing a secure virtual private cloud, enabling businesses to effectively manage their systems and networks. For businesses with multiple branches and subsidiaries that require resource utilization while ensuring performance and security, VNG Cloud supports VPC Peering, allowing the connection of two or more VPCs. This approach enables communication and data transmission through VNG Cloud's internal network, reduces latency and enhances performance compared to transmitting data through the public network.

The flexibility and automatic scaling provided by VNG Cloud contribute to its stability. With features like Auto Scaling and Auto Balancing, VNG Cloud can accommodate sudden increases in access numbers. The system automatically scales up to meet the demand and balances itself to ensure smooth and uninterrupted access.

In addition, when using VNG Cloud's storage service, the company's cloud storage becomes smarter by automatically switching between frequently accessed data and less accessed data. This ensures flexibility in operating costs and meets the required workload levels. Most importantly, VNG Cloud implements a comprehensive multi-layer security system. The network layer is protected by Security Group, acting as a virtualized firewall layer for the cloud. The application layer is safeguarded by WAF (Web Application Firewall). It is rare for any domestic cloud service in Vietnam to be equipped with so many layers of solid security. Additionally, the servers within the VNG Cloud system are high-performance, designed with high configurability and high-speed network bandwidth.

VNG Cloud has obtained international security certifications such as ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, PCI DSS, and has also been awarded the certificate of Vietnam Secure Cloud Computing Platform, certified by the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Bridging the Distance Between Suppliers and Customers

Despite the presence of international cloud solution providers, VNG Cloud has its own competitive advantages. The company has established two large-scale data centers in Vietnam with over 10,000 servers, significantly reducing the distance between data centers and customers. This ensures reliable bandwidth, connection speed, and stable transmission. By the end of 2020, VNG Cloud will start the construction of a new Data Center in Tan Thuan EPZ, which will be the largest to date. It is expected to be come into operation by early 2022.

With data centers located in Vietnam, VNG Cloud not only complies with Vietnam's cybersecurity laws but also enables the deployment of a 24/7 support team that is ready to assist customers throughout the system development and implementation process.

Furthermore, compared to foreign cloud service providers, VNG Cloud possesses an undeniable advantage - the ability to develop and exploit specific sets of solutions for each industry and business, catering to the unique characteristics of Vietnamese enterprises. This understanding is derived from VNG Cloud's 13 years of experience in cloud computing and domestic customer management.

Not only does VNG Cloud possess advanced technology, but its years of experience in building cloud infrastructure also enable them to achieve costs that are 50% lower than international cloud services and even lower than other domestic cloud service providers. VNG Cloud offers both prepaid and postpaid options, as well as Pay-as-you-go, providing flexibility to customers.

The process of digital transformation is gaining momentum in Vietnam, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic when remote services have seen significant growth. With its robust True Cloud technology, VNG Cloud is expected to become a platform for the transformation of Vietnamese businesses. This will not only help businesses keep up with the current trends but also anticipate future trends.

Cre: Linh Tran and Nguyen Anh Loc (CafeF)