Update & Introduce New Solutions for Partners Combined with VNG Cloud Demo Room Tour

2020/06/19 11:00

“With the aim of supporting partners in revenue growth and attracting customers through the latest technology solutions, VNG Cloud's experts are dedicated to continuously updating advanced solutions and addressing the challenges faced by partners and customers.”

On the morning of June 18, VNG Cloud successfully organized the Program Update & Introduce New Solutions for Partners along with the Demo Tour. With the aim to assist partners in increasing revenue and attracting customers by showcasing the latest technology solutions, VNG Cloud's experts provided updates on advanced solutions and addressed the challenges faced by partners and customers.

During the event, Mr. Truong Van Quang, Solution Specialist at VNG Cloud, introduced the new features of vCloudcam, a smart proactive security solution that transforms ordinary cameras into cloud-connected smart cameras. It offers unlimited storage and fulfills the need for centralized remote camera management at a cost-effective price.

Mr. Truong Van Quang is presenting the vCloudcam solution

Furthermore, guests had the opportunity to experience the Demo Room at VNG Cloud's campus, guided by Mr. Le Song Hiep, who is responsible for the development of vCloudcam. The demonstration showcased vCloudcam's features, including people counting, face recognition, virtual fence setup, and integration of intelligent AI capabilities into existing camera systems.

Guests are participating in the demo of vCloudcam at Demo Room

Mr. Tran Quang Binh, Solution Specialist at VNG Cloud, also presented smart cloud infrastructure, introducing core development strategies for IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) solution products such as vServer, vStorage, and vCDN,..., by that, helping businesses enhance security, upgrade firewall systems, improve user experience, accelerate website speed, and address revenue-related issues.

Mr. Tran Quang Binh updates the smart cloud infrastructure solution

VNG Cloud is committed to delivering the most optimal solutions and providing practical value to its partners and businesses.

To learn more about the solutions and register for the VNG Cloud DEMO TOUR program, please contact VNG Cloud via the hotline 1900 1549 or email sales@vngcloud.vn.